designed and programmed by Mattias Lambert



Start: Enter | Return

Restart: "R"

Movement:     WASD | ARROW KEYS

Reveal Bucket:    "Q"  | "/"

Create Barrier:    Spacebar

Note: When you find yourself in the white box, press Enter to start playing.
      If you fall off the map, you will lose one health point and start back
      in the white box.



   Evadem is a high-speed game about tough decisions and quick reactions.
Levels are designed like classic Super Smash Bros. levels and reminiscent
of other 2D fighters. Evade falling obstacles and high-speed bullets while
trying to collect as many coins as you can. But dodging isn't the players
only option! Thecharacter has the ability to catch bullets with their trusty bucket.
Once the player has caught enough bullets, they can transform those bullets
into a barrier to shield themselves from the relentless storm.

   Eventually, the character will be a walking candle, whose goal is to keep
their flame alive as long as they can. The bullets will become gusts of wind,
and when they strike the player, the size of their flame will gradually decrease.
The player's flame will slowly shrink over time, but the collection of the oxygen
tanks will fuel the player's flame and allow them to live on! As time goes on,
the wind will start blowing harder and harder, with gusts coming more and more
frequently. Don't forget about that bucket!

Published Sep 25, 2017
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5


MattiasGameplayPrototype.zip 92 MB
mattiasGameplayScreenshots.zip 23 kB
winBuildFinal.zip 11 MB
mattiasEval.txt 935 bytes

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